Why Print when you can Scroll?

Posted by Priyanka Acharya on

Long gone are the days when we carefully snapped photos with our analog camera, taking care to capture the shot correctly so that we wouldn't waste film, and then waited patiently for the photo lab to develop and print our images.

In today's world of instant everything, there is no worry about wasting or waiting, and we are on to taking the next photo before we've even glanced at the one we just took.

So why print photos at all? Especially when computers and clouds can hold everything for us? Here are some reasons why a digital image can never match up to a print:

A print is the only way to really enjoy the full beauty of an image.

Screens hide details and dull colors. From skin tones to greenery, the true richness of color can only been seen when printed from a photo printer. At Konica Color Lab in Chennai we color correct every image so that you get the best, most accurate print possible.

Some images aren't meant to be temporary.

The moment the groom tied the thali. The last family gathering before Covid kept everyone apart. A child's broad smile revealing his missing front tooth. Moments like these are too special to scroll past in an instant. They might be backed up in your cloud, but how will your children or grandparents get access to see them? Prints ensure that these special captures won't be forgotten, and that everyone gets to enjoy them equally, again and again.

Prints don't suffer from hard drive failures.

Technology has its limits, and it can be the simple solutions that are most reliable. Imagine losing all your child's baby photos to a hard drive failure or computer virus, and realizing you never printed any and have no way to get them back? At Konica Color Lab we've had many customers who in this way have lost photos of loved ones who are no more. That's why your most valued images should always have a hard copy stored carefully.

Senior family members struggle to view digital images.

Even if your grandparents are WhatsApp savvy, they will never have a great experience viewing photos on the mobile phone. It is a strain on their eyes and they have to zoom in to see details. Imagine how happy they would be to see clear, large photo prints of their family members, or a function or holiday they could not attend?

A permanent, physical print can inspire you.

Some images stir up something special in us. Most of us agree that we spend too much time on our phones and need methods to avoid excess screen time. So instead of keeping your inspirational images confined to the screen, print them and place them somewhere where you will see it every day. You may be surprised how a simple moment of reflecting upon an image you love can inspire and invigorate you.

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