Visa Delays Inconveniencing Chennai Travelers

Posted by Priyanka Acharya on

Now that worldwide travel is open again, people are making up for lost time by excitedly booking holidays this summer. Unfortunately, many have run into a major obstacle with visa delays.

It is common practice to book flight tickets and hotels first, and then apply for the visa. But, according to the Times of India*, it currently takes one or two weeks to process a visa that used to be ready in three to four days. Chennai folks have been experiencing extra long delays from Greece in particular: sometimes the processing time is more than double the official turnaround of 15 days. Personally, I have friends who waited one month for their UK visa, and others who continue to wait even longer than that!

The result is an unfortunate domino effect of wishful travelers having to postpone, cancel, or re-book flights and hotels, with the added sting of cancellation fees. Others have abandoned the idea of an international destination in favor of visiting some of the sites in our Incredible India. This can be seen by the huge increase in inquiries to local travel agents, with some citing a 50% increase in bookings!

With the hottest summer on record, the hill stations are fully booked up with families looking for cooler pastures. But don't fear if you were too late to get a spot in Ooty or Kodaikanal; there are many hidden gems in India that are waiting to be discovered by you! Check out this feature by Travel Triangle on 30 unexplored places in India:

When the opportunity finally arises for you to go abroad, we at Konica Color Lab & Studio are always here to get your visa specifications right! You can even upload an existing passport photo image into our website, mention the country, and we will edit the photo according to the requirements.



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