4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Family Events

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Today’s mobile phones are capable of taking excellent, high resolution photos. And after taking photos on a mobile phone, they can be shared with others in an instant. This means that there is no reason for hiring a photographer to cover family get-togethers, from birthdays to anniversaries, right? Wrong!

Convenience aside, there are many drawbacks to replying on mobile phone photography for special occasions, and these should be seriously considered because once these precious moments have passed, you can’t get them back. Read on to learn 4 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer to document your family functions from birthdays, pujas, housewarmings, and more.

1. Amateur photographer + mobile phone = poor quality photos

While it is possible to get good results with a mobile phone, it takes a great deal of technical knowledge to achieve this. First, you must go deep into the camera settings and change many of the default settings for resolution, shutter speed, etc. Second, you must have basic knowledge of lighting, framing, and spacing for the photos to turn out really well. Not only do most people lack this knowledge, but they are prone to making mistakes like keeping their finger in front of the lens, or not cleaning the lens beforehand, so photos end up blurry or cloudy. After all the effort the family has made to dress up and come together, isn’t it a shame for the photos to not reflect this?

2. The family member who is taking the photos is left out

Usually there is one family member who takes the role of shooting photos on his phone. Naturally, this results in that person appearing in very few photos. Since the whole point of capturing photos is to preserve the memory, all family members should be equally included and captured.

3. Event Photographers will make sure to capture all details, so everyone can relax and enjoy the moment

When an amateur is entrusted with taking the photos, they are not approaching it the way a professional photographer would. Event photography professionals know that you must document not just people but decorations and ambience. They know that to make it interesting you must capture candid, natural moments as well as posed photos. They will take the time to photograph all the different groups from nuclear families, to the entire party for one big group shot. This way, all the family members can be totally present in the moment, watching the event unfold with their eyes instead of through a phone screen.

4. Professionally taken photos are best for printing, which is the true way to preserve the memory

There is a misconception that digital is forever. This might technically be true, but when it comes to how photos are enjoyed and passed on, digital does not work best for posterity. If the photos stay confined to your phone, you are highly unlikely to scroll back and view them months and years down the road. If you don’t back photo albums up and change phones, they are lost forever; and even if you do back them up, will future generations have access to that digital space that is storing them? Unlikely!

Whereas if you print your photos and store them in an album, or make a beautiful photo book that displays the photos against themed templates, anyone who sees the album can simply flip the pages and enjoy the memories. Future generations will be so excited to see their own baby photos as well as photos of their grandparents and great grandparents, images that have long faded from their memories.

So now you know why investing in an event photographer is totally worth it. Contact us to learn about our affordable event photography packages!

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